I spent a week in the state of Kentucky with my family. We drove all around the Daniel Boone National forest and rode on the Big South Fork Scenic Railway. I wanted to capture the green & caramel tones that shadows it's natural beauty.


I went on a camping trip to Kings Canyon National Park. My cousin and I hiked 1500 feet above the valley floor to capture the insane granite cliffs. We also saw a lot of wildlife which made my vacation in the Sierra Nevada a memorable one.


My mom and I took a summer vacation to Washington. I wanted to make a video showing the majestic mountains of the North Cascades & natural beauty of a sub-alpine lake. I hope to move to the state in a year.


Took a road trip across the Southwest to see the chiseled pillars of Monument Valley, towering cliff sides of Grand Canyon's South Rim & the concave passage of Upper Antelope Canyon― This is the landscape which defines the state of Arizona.

Desert Storm Rally 2015

I accompanied Brent Lee Motorsports to this rally to help film a video about it. This video was shot on my Panasonic Lumix GH4 with a Canon 25-105mm f/4 adapted to a Metabones speed booster. For stabilization I used a Glidecam & shoulder rig. Videos like these are necessary to share the experiences people have at rallies, because that will inevitably grow the sport.


My family and I took a winter vacation to the state of Washington. I wanted to make a video showing the radical beauty of the Pacific Northwestern region during winter season. The experiences I had there helped me decide where I want to live after graduating high school.


In the summer of 2014 my family and I flew to Anchorage, Alaska and rented a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Little did I know... was that this trip would one of the most memorable experiences of my lifebald eagles, physical injury, black bear confrontations, to flying over a mountain range, Alaska was real. This video highlights the most surreal moment of my life. Lake to sky.